My landscapes are, in essence, a graphic interpretation from memory. I approach my images from two perspectives – an aerial view of the earth and the atmospheric illusion of the sky above the horizon line.

The inclusion of the elements are an essential part of the landscape.

There are physical elements of earth, air, fire and water, the sun, moon and the stars. There are however, also the ephemeral elements of space, distance, heat, haze, shadows and reflections. Depending on their selection, they add drama, mood or atmosphere to the landscape.

Most important to me in landscape painting is the quality of light. I am sensitive to the ever changing colour during the day – from pink and mauve at dawn – through to cream and yellow at noon – sienna and umber for afternoon – orange and blue for sunset – mauve and pink for twilight – and dark blue for night.

I balance these colour combinations to capture a particular moment in time – hence the title of my exhibition – ‘The Colour of Time’

Jules Sher







Jules is represented by:
Lynton and Kay Galleries Perth